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Maximize your team’s collaboration, performance, and effectiveness by customizing and tailoring all workflows to your specific needs.

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Manaxo CRM


Boost your team's performance with custom workflows that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Improve alignment, efficiency, and productivity, and achieve even greater success together.


Optimize your workflows, collect all tools, files and processes on one platform - a Work OS. Create a unified reference source for your company and centralize the way you work.


Customizable Manaxo dashboards give you a holistic view of your business so you can make decisions with complete confidence and scale your operations.

Optimize your processes for maximum efficiency and performance

Increase your company’s impact by bringing teams together. A well-oiled CRM enables you to successfully achieve business goals and increase customer satisfaction. Manaxo enables your business to go to the next level!

Manaxo Recruiting

Make recruiting a collaborative experience of success


Our revolutionary all-in-one tool gives you the edge in recruitment.


It automates your recruiting process, gives your sourcing a boost, and helps you effectively evaluate candidates - all in one intuitive platform.


Manaxo Payroll

Meet the needs of your valuable employees and your successful business around the world with our world-class global system for Payroll and HR.

Individual solutions

With our innovative solutions, you can easily master global benefits and payroll administration, optimize employee self-service, automate HR processes, and maximize compliance.

We offer capabilities that go far beyond the ordinary and let you take control of your HR processes with ease.

Manaxo HR

HR platform

Achieve peak performance in productivity, employee engagement and retention with our revolutionary HR platform.

Core Staff

Rely on creative onboarding, streamlined processes, effective performance and compensation management, and seamless integration with leading payroll providers. With our comprehensive portfolio of HR capabilities, your team will be well equipped to work together productively.


With the integrated Zoom platform you are familiar with, you can not only strengthen your team, but also bring a breath of fresh air into your work processes.


The practical benefits of Manaxo CRM software with recruiting, payroll, HR modules and functions will inspire you and optimize your work processes.

Time recording

Time tracking is based on opening hours, projects, tasks or individual adjustments depending on the team or employee.

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Manaxo pricing

Each additional user costs € 1.50 per month.

Free Plan

€ 0/Per Month

  • 2 users
  • CRM (begrenzt)
  • 50 MB Cloud
  • Recruiting
  • Payroll
  • HR
  • Support (Anleitung)
30 days free trial

Basic Plan

€ 18/Monat

  • 5 users
  • CRM (unbegrenzt)
  • 5 GB Cloud
  • Recruiting (unbegrenzt)
  • Payroll
  • HR
  • Support (Anleitung)
30 days free trial

Popular Plan

€ 29/Monat

  • 10 users
  • CRM (unbegrenzt)
  • 20 GB Cloud
  • Recruiting (unbegrenzt)
  • Payroll (10 Benutzer)
  • HR
  • Support (Ticket & Mail)
30 days free trial


€ 59/Monat

  • 20 users
  • CRM (unbegrenzt)
  • 100 GB Cloud
  • Recruiting (unbegrenzt)
  • Payroll (20 Benutzer)
  • HR (20 Benutzer)
  • Support (Ticket & Mail)
30 days free trial